What does Coverage mean?

Coverage hours is how long we are at the venue/event filming

The more hours, means the more time we have to film the best footage of your day.

It has no bearing on the length of the films we will make for your wedding/event. 

The lengths of the films are explained in each package offering or addons. 

What are the payment methods you accept

We accept payments by PayPal, Venmo or by check, mailed to our address.

How are contracts handled

We use DocuSign for all contracts. 

It is an easy, digital way for all our customers to sign. 

We simply send the contract by email or text, and you can then digitally sign it

(eSignature) and email or text back. 


Do you have insurance


We carry $1 million dollars of liability coverage for all wedding events and venues.

Also, your venue and owners can be named on our insurance policy. 

We can provide a certificate of coverage to the venue or couple 30 days before

your wedding day.

Do you offer photography as well

No, we do not, BUT we know many, very reputable and professional photographers that we recommend if needed. 

How long does it take to deliver our wedding films

Generally we like to release the 1 Minute Teaser Film, one week after the wedding and then the Highlight Film around 2 to 4 weeks after the wedding and all other Add On Films within 2 months. Due to the number of weddings we have scheduled, during the spring or fall season, the times may vary. This is why we state 2 months in our contract for full delivery of all films, in your package.  

I see the Contact page but can I call and speak with you


You can contact us at 704-807-3097

Text or Chat

What is your style of wedding filmmaking

Our style is definitely more on the dramatic, cinematic side. We feel that a wedding is a very serious commitment and we like to reflect that commitment in a dramatic way. We tend to have a more vintage look as well. We also love to incorporate audio and atmosphere into our films, to bring them to life. 


What is your booking fee

We require a $500 non-refundable, booking fee at the time of signing and presenting the contract.  

Can I choose my own music

Sandhill Films likes to retain full creative control of the films we produce, so that the music fits the "vibe" of the day. We also only use licensed music from sources like SoundStripe and MusicBed, to ensure that your wedding film will never be "dated" to a certain period of time and be legal to play on all social media.

 Please Note: It is illegal to use copyrighted music on your wedding film, especially  for public viewing on social media platforms. We do let couples choose a genre of music if they like. 

I see you offer audio too?

YES! Before Sandhill Films, we actually started out as Grannys Studio. A full production recording studio and it still continues today. Over the years we have put together a couple of different PA systems to suit many needs and we now offer this for wedding and events. My son, Kory Middleton, heads this up and would LOVE to help you with all your audio needs.

PA Rental, DJ Services and Audio for Events.