David Middleton

Owner/Lead Videographer/Editor

Julie Middleton

Business Operations

Hi, I am David Middleton, a veteran musician and audio engineer who has run a project recording studio in my home for many years.  A lover of all things music and audio, I was bitten with the video bug in 2005 and haven't looked back since.  Having made some 350 various videos for corporate clients, local businesses, community groups, and local churches,  I still felt something was missing and then in 2012, I was asked to film a family friend's wedding and I was hooked. Stoked!! The emotion of filming the day, the feeling while editing with the music; it just all came together. Even though music and audio were my first love,  I now use those talents to help craft beautiful and cinematic weddings through visual imagery, editing, audio, music and storytelling.  But I cannot do this alone; my beautiful wife, Julie, keeps me straight in all aspects of the business, so I can focus my attention on making your wedding a beautiful cinematic journey. 

Katie Middleton


Speaking of not being able to do this alone, it was only natural to bring along my amazing and talented niece, Katie Middleton. With a double major in Media Arts and Theatre from the University of South Carolina, you could say the girl LOVES the arts and holding a camera just comes natural to her. Having learned the ins and outs of cinema cameras while working in the media production department at First Baptist Church of Columbia, she now brings that knowledge, her artistic vision and pure youthful joy of life to every wedding we film. Not only is she our 2nd camera operator but she also communicates with all our brides about the vision they want for their wedding film. 

Alan McLeod

Tech - Drone Operations

And last but not least, this guy keeps the wheels turning during the wedding day. Alan handles all the technical aspects of the wedding day; making sure stands are set up, lighting is in place and keeps Katie and I humming all day. He is also my eyes on the sky while flying the drone; making sure we are safe and getting the most amazing aerial shots we can during your wedding day. 


We want to thank you for visiting Sandhill Films and giving us the opportunity to make your wedding day a cinematic experience. 

Check out all we have to offer and as Katie always says when we leave out to film a wedding......

"Lets Go Make Dreams Come True"

Thank you!!!!!